1957 Bermuda Bowl

One of the objectives of the Vugraph project is to present great matches of the past in .lin or .pbn format, matches that were played long before computers became ubiquitous and whose hand records only existed so far in printed form (and rather hard to find, too).

Our first offering of this kind was the 1955 Bermuda Bowl. This one, the 1957 Bermuda Bowl, is the second major project of this nature to see the light. Again, Denis O' Kane, takes the credit for this excellent piece of work.

The user must be aware of a fundamental difference of the reconstructed lin files as opposed to the regular Vugraph files: namely, regular Vugraph files are an accurate record of the bids and the cards played, down to the last spot card; on the other hand, records in books almost always are vague as to spot cards. Hence, when the book says "Declarer drew trumps in two rounds", we usually do not know if he played the ace first or the king, or if the defenders followed with this or that low card; and usually it does not matter. When it matters, good books do provide the information and our sources were good, so any unusual play should have been recorded.

For the 1957 Bermuda Bowl our source was the official book published by the ACBL.

Note that the match of 224 boards, played in New York, was scored according to total points, the method prevalent back then in the USA. In our reconstruction, we have used the current IMP scale. This is a major (and almost unavoidable) departure from the real situation, that the user should be aware of. Also note that there were 9 x 2 = 18 segments in all, of unequal size, hence the total of 224. Italy won initiating the brilliant era of the Blue Team. Perhaps by coincidence, this project sees the light a couple of weeks after a new Blue Team has taken the world title.

North America v Italy

Segment 1, 1st part
Segment 1, 2nd part
Segment 2, 1st part
Segment 2, 2nd part
Segment 3, 1st part
Segment 3, 2nd part
Segment 4, 1st part
Segment 4, 2nd part
Segment 5, 1st part
Segment 5, 2nd part
Segment 6, 1st part
Segment 6, 2nd part
Segment 7, 1st part
Segment 7, 2nd part
Segment 8, 1st part
Segment 8, 2nd part
Segment 9, 1st part
Segment 9, 2nd part

Here you can find a zipped file with all 18 segments together including carry-over score after each segment.

Also, another zipped file with all 18 segments in pbn format to replay with various bridge-playing programs.