1962 Bermuda Bowl

One of the objectives of the Vugraph project is to present great matches of the past in .lin or .pbn format, matches that were played long before computers became ubiquitous and whose hand records only existed so far in printed form.

The 1962 Bermuda Bowl was played in New York, from February 10 to 18.

Contestants were Argentina, Great Britain, Italy (defending champions) and North America. Every team played a match of 144 boards against each of the other three. Italy retained the title, by defeating all three of its rivals, to win its fifth straight Bermuda Bowl. For the moment, we cover the match between Italy and North America. The source for the data was the official World Championship book published by the ACBL.

The user must be aware of a fundamental difference of the reconstructed lin files as opposed to the regular Vugraph files: namely, regular Vugraph files are an accurate record of the bids and the cards played, down to the last spot card; on the other hand, records in books almost always are vague as to spot cards. Hence, when the book says "Declarer drew trumps in two rounds", we usually do not know if he played the ace first or the king, or if the defenders followed with this or that low card; and usually it does not matter. When it matters, sources usually provide the relevant information.

North America - Italy
North America - Great Britain

This new offering of ours is, for yet one more time, due to Denis O' Kane. Kudos to Denis for another splendid job!