1995 Bermuda Bowl

One of the objectives of the Vugraph project is to present great matches of the past in .lin or .pbn format, matches that were played long before computers became ubiquitous and whose hand records only existed so far in printed form. Well, the 1995 Bermuda Bowl just quaIifies since it was the last world championship that wasn't made available in some electronic format by its organizers. Beginning with the Rhodes Olympiad of 1996, world championships have been more or less extensively transmitted over the Internet.

This new offering of ours is a result of an unique collaborative effort; when I was trying to recruit from the BBO forum volunteers to help Denis O' Kane and me with the arduous task of digitizing old matches (which involves typing the hands and the bidding&play), David Thompson (mrdct at BBO) had a genial idea: he suggested producing just the hands and have the bidding and play entered by operators and transmitted over the BBO site "as if" it were a live Vugraph. The 1995 event was chosen as an ideal candidate for this quasi-live Vugraph, since Fred Gitelman, the founder of BBO, participated in the final playing for Canada (now Fred has moved to the USA).

This quasi-live Vugraph transmission took place in the beginning of February 2007, more than 11 years after the original event and more than one year after the initial discussions. The team of operators, organised and led by Roger Bryant were Roger, Dan Neill, Barry Margolin, Dave Thompson, David Collier and Mark Reeve. As in ordinary live Vugraphs, Roland Wald did a superb job of coordinating the commentators - too numerous to mention but special thanks to the three Canadian BB participants: Fred, George Mittelman and Joey Silver whose commentary and insider knowledge made this such an enjoyable event; in fact, the spectators (always more than 1000 persons, sometimes peaking close to 2000) had a very good time indeed. The files that were produced from this quasi-live Vugraph are now presented here.

The user must be aware of a fundamental difference of the reconstructed lin files as opposed to the regular Vugraph files: namely, regular Vugraph files are an accurate record of the bids and the cards played, down to the last spot card; on the other hand, records in books almost always are vague as to spot cards. Hence, when the book says "Declarer drew trumps in two rounds", we usually do not know if he played the ace first or the king, or if the defenders followed with this or that low card; and usually it does not matter. When it matters, sources usually provide the relevant information.

For the 1995 Bermuda Bowl our source was the official book published courtesy of the WBF. At segment 5, several spectators suggested that Hamman and Wolff should have their positions inverted and after checking with other sources like the Bridge World it turned out that the WBF book was wrong.

USA v Canada

Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3
Segment 4
Segment 5
Segment 6
Segment 7
Segment 8
Segment 9
Segment 10

You can also find all 10 files in .pbn format (zipped) to replay with Jack, GIB or whatever.