2000 ING Bank Top Circuit final

This IMP pairs event was transmitted via Bridge Plaza and was also included in GIB's deal library.

Here are the Vugraph data in lin format:

Match 1A
Match 2A
Match 2B
Match 3A
Match 3B
Match 4A
Match 4B
Match 5A
Match 5B
Match 6A
Match 6B
Match 7A
Match 7B
Match 8A
Match 8B
Match 9A
Match 9B
Match 10A
Match 10B
Match 11A
Match 11B
Match 12A
Match 12B
Match 12C
Match 13A
Match 13B
Match 13C
Match 14A
Match 14B
Match 14C
Match 15A
Match 15B
Match 15C