Swedish Team Trials

This championship was transmitted via BBO on 9-10 April 2005. Unfortunately, there were some technical glitches and operators could not abstain from over-writing each other, so I have not all the matches (please, fill in if you have any) and some may not be complete. Note also that despite the fact that this was a Trials, there were non-Swedish team competing as well.

NB: During the 2nd segment of the final there was a problem and the existing file was overwritten; I have managed to save most of the data but in two separate files and I am too lazy to merge them :-)

Match 1

Match 1, other match

Match 2

Match 2, other match

Match 3

Match 3, other match

Match 4

Match 5

Match 5, other match

Match 6

Match 7

Match 7, other match

Netherlands - Morath
Segment 1
Segment 2

Bjornlund - Gustawsson
Segment 2 (also the empty scorecard from Segm. 1)

Segment 1
Segment 2, 1st half
Segment 2, 2nd half