Team Oranje - Team Meltzer

As a prelude to the fourth White House International Teams Top 16, Team Orange: Ramondt-Westra, Bertens-Bakkeren (first day), De Wijs-Muller and Brink-Drijver (second day) played a warming-up match of 6x16 boards against Rosenblum Cup champion team Meltzer: Meltzer-Larsen, Helgemo-Helness, Sontag-Bates over two days. Three tables were in play, with the results from two tables being compared to the datum score from the third table, the anchor table. The test match was won by Team Orange: 460-412 imps.

Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 2, other table
Segment 3
Segment 3, other table
Segment 4
Segment 4, other table
Segment 5
Segment 5, other table
Segment 6
Segment 6, other table