2009 Lady Milne Series

The Lady Milne series, the ladies equivalent of the Camrose series, was played in April.

Match 1
CBAI - Ireland, first half
CBAI - Ireland, second half
North Ireland - Wales, first half
North Ireland - Wales, second half
England - Scotland, first half
England - Scotland, second half

Match 2
England - CBAI, first half
England - CBAI, second half
North Ireland - Scotland, first half
North Ireland - Scotland, second half
Wales - Ireland, first half
Wales - Ireland, second half

Match 3
Wales - Scotland, first half
Wales - Scotland, second half
Ireland - England, first half
Ireland - England, second half
North Ireland - CBAI, first half
North Ireland - CBAI, second half

Match 4
Scotland - Ireland, first half
Scotland - Ireland, second half
North Ireland - England, first half
North Ireland - England, second half
Wales - CBAI, first half
Wales - CBAI, second half

Match 5
North Ireland - Ireland, first half
North Ireland - Ireland, second half
Wales - England, first half
Wales - England, second half
CBAI - Scotland, first half
CBAI - Scotland, second half