Articles in Luxemburger Wort

Beginning from September 2001, I am writing a weekly column for the Luxemburger Wort, the leading daily newspaper of Luxembourg. In true multilingual spirit, as is the custom in Luxembourg, the articles are in French although the bulk of the Wort's material is written in German; moreover, this introduction is in English, and the titles in this page as well (the original column articles have no title), but some titles are in French!
For the first year and a half, the articles were in quiz form, with the problem appearing one week and the solution the following week. It is rather difficult to present these articles here, so I begin from article seventy-something or so. Some articles that were taken from other easily accessible sources (e.g. from books) are not included.

77. A deal from 1993

78. An educational deal

79. One deal from Spingold 2002 final

80. Never a ruff and discard?

81. She took her eye off the ball

82. Technique or swindle?

83. A Pszczola exploit

84. 21-imp swing

85. Missed his chance to thwart the brilliancy

86. A Luxemburgish triumph

87. Hungry double

88. Another hungry double

89. Tell-tale intervention

90. Was it deserved?

91. Two ruff-sluffs at Long Beach

92. Greek security

93. Kiwi promotion

94. Simple is best

96. Well played by Lee

97. No second trump trick

98. Theory and practice

101. The most expensive opening lead in history?

102. Le contre gourmand d'Alain

103. Who needs aces?

105. Even Soloway nods

106. Même les champions les plus chevronnés

107. Safer in a slam

108. She missed the chance to shine

109. Belladonna magic

110. Double grand slam swing!

113. Sur une corde raide

116. Meckstroth impossible

117. The poisoned gift

118. Zia impossible

119. The big crash

120. Sabine impossible

121. Deux As dehors

122. Its own reward, again

123. Double underlead

125. Polish insurance

126. Adam sees it through

127. Comme une partie de goulash

128. A grand from 1937

129. Egyptian courage

131. Vienna Coup in Reno

132. Irina endplays

133. Magistralement votre

135. 3400 in Malmoe

136. A BBO slam

137. Safer in a grand slam

138. Don't touch trumps!

139. Long et faible

140. Spingold game

143. Sabine in Malmoe

146. Explosion in Maastricht

147. The king was bare

148. Rien de brilliant, certes

149. The lady wasn't there

150. Chunky suit

151. Russian reading

152. Beauty prize for Zia

153. As seen in BBO

155. The Scot dentist

157. A Generali Master

158. Incongruous?

159. Lorraine game

160. Even Michael nods

161. Peter knew it all

162. Super-Moysian game

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