FAMOUS BRIDGE RECORDS - by David Bird and Nikos Sarantakos

My favourite genre of bridge books is match records, preferably from high-level play. I have been collecting them and reading them avidly for years. Slowly, I have started to jot down impressive and weird deals, trivia and facts that I was noticing during my perusal of match records. When these notes grew in volume, I showed the material to David Bird who was willing to collaborate and added quite a lot of excellent material from his own files. Some of this material was also presented in a series of articles in Bridge Plus.

This is the fruit of our efforts!

Just to give you an idea of the book: since number 13 is central to bridge (and not because bridge-players are superstitious), let's see here...
Chapter 13 of Famous Bridge Records

See also a Phillip Alder column featuring a hand from the book

You can also read a review of the book by Dave Huggett in Bridge Plus.

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