Shangai hands (6) - Shangai telephone numbers

Telephone numbers in bridge are the big penalties like 800, 1100, etc. Other big numbers (1430, say, or 2210) do not qualify; a telephone number has to end in '00' and be the result of a penalty. There were some earlier sporadic telephone numbers in the tournament, but Board 4 of Round 6 produced them in abundance.

The headless monster hand in East drove some EW players too high, so there were a lot of 800s and 1100s around. The English ladies collected even more, 1400, from 3Dx-5 (it seems that declarer, shocked by the distribution of diamonds, dropped a couple of tricks). The Italians were in a position to collect a similar amount, but...

Brd 4    AQJ65
West     AT
All      AK982
J875             6
63               QJT754
AK               QJT754
Helgemo          Helness

 W   N   E   S
 P   1S  4NT!P
 6C  X   P   6D
 X   6S  P   P
 X   P   P   P
Giorgio Duboin took a big position when he took out his partner's double of 6C. True, he was hoping for a club void opposite but the 5-0 truimp split (not inconceivable after this bidding) doomed the slam. Bocchi went down one, which translated to 14 imps for Norway because at the other table EW went for 800 at 5C doubled. Kudos to Helgemo for his non-opening 1S and for his wild jump at 6C.

However, opening 1S with the West hand may not turn so bad: some players (like Ralph Katz of USA 1) opened 1S for West and were left to play there, down 4 or 5 but generally gaining points. Some were even more lucky, when their Northern opponent overcalled a heavy 2D and was left to languish there, down three. Nikos Sarantakos

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