Hands from the 2007 World Bridge Championships

You will find below some "articles" I have been writing during the 38th World Bridge Team Championships played in October 2007 in Shangai.

The hands are presented "as is", i.e. no cute formatting, not even suit symbols (If you would like to do the HTML conversion and send to me the revamped versions of the files, I would be grateful but I am not sure it is worth it!).

The "articles" were written on the spur of the moment, sometimes within an hour or so after the matches were transmitted by BBO, so don't expect any deep literary or analytical merit. Perhaps you'll find them interesting, though.

1. Zia slams

2. Only Piotr found it

3. The most common contract

4. Rescue thy opponents

5. Miss a slam, gain 13?

6. Shangai telephone numbers

7. Two bare kings

8. Sub-Moysian slam

9. A slight mystery

10. Down five

11. Cruel split

12. Three out of four

13. Almost slam

14. Almost flat

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