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Contract bridge, the card game, is one of my passions. Unfortunately, I cannot play but very little, because of family and work constraints, so I compensate by reading books and magazines. Inevitably, I have started to try my hand in writing about bridge. I had the great honour and the luck to know the great, late Terence Reese, with whom I have co-authored a series of articles that were published in various magazines around the world. After his death in early 1996, I have collaborated with David Bird, and I also have published various solo articles. For a couple of years I had a regular column in Bridge, the magazine of the Dutch Federation; then, for some six years, another regular column in ΜΠΡΙΤΖ,the Greek Bridge magazine. Since September 2001, I write a weekly column in Luxemburger Wort, the leading daily paper of Luxembourg (the column is in French, although the paper is mostly in German; this can happen in a multilingual country!). I also contribute very frequently to Bridge Plus, the excellent UK magazine. Occasional articles of mine have been published in: The Bridge World, Bridge Today, Le Bridgeur (French), IPBM, and Cartes sur table, the French-speaking magazine of Quebec.

My first bridge book, Famous bridge records, came out on April 2002. It is a joint venture with the great David Bird, with whom I also have had the honour of collaborating in previous endeavours. A second book, again with D.B., appeared in June 2004: Bridge Hands to Make you Laugh... and Cry.

I found it too difficult to convert my material from word processing files to HTML, but several generous members of the international bridge community volunteered and did this work for me. Their wonderful contribution is acknowledged with gratitude in the individual pages.

Hands from my Luxemburger Wort column

Here you can find some shameless plug about my first book.
... And here some equally shameless plug about my second bridge book.

The Vugraph project - Let's conserve the bridge memory
Vugraph data and other hand records

Selected bridge articles

Big swings

Weird numbers

More weird numbers

Its own reward

Awkward giants

Hubris and Nemesis

Cardinal sins: Ruffing partner's winner
as published in Bridge Plus website.

Short problems

A couple of articles co-authored with Terence Reese
Real-life bridge problems

Hands from big tournaments

Hands from the 2000 Bermuda Bowl

Hands from the 2000 Bermuda Bowl - 2nd part

Hands from the 2001 European Championships

Hands from the 2007 Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup

Some of my articles have been translated to Spanish, courtesy of Fernando Lema

Various other writings
Playing against GIB: account of a match

Kaplan Nuggets: A light-hearted tribute to Edgar Kaplan

Czy mowicie po polsku?
an article about Bridge Base Online written in 2003.

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