Tenerife hands (7) - Bid the grand

The majority of the field played 6S in this board from Tenerife, but 7H was on despite the 4-1 trump break.

Board 12 West dealer NS vul

                             J 7 3
                             Q 9 8 2
                             K Q 10 8 6

Q 9 5                                      A K 10 6 2
J 8 7 3                                    A K Q 2
A J 7                                      K 4
9 5 2                                       A 3

                           8 4
                           10 9 6 5
                           10 6 5 3
                           J 7 4
In the Vugraph, the Swiss stayed at 6S but they gained heavily when the Dutch languished at 3NT. Amazingly, it was the same pair that played the grand at 3NT yesterday as well (see my posting no. 5 in this series) and their sequence was very similar to the previous one:

pass                 2C
2D                    2S
3S                    3NT
I repeat that I don't know their system -as an aside, they had better work it out themselves- so I can't point fingers; however, I see here a possible flaw of the "waiting" 2D reply (more evident in the previous case where the weak hand had two aces).

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