Hands from the European Championships

You will find below some "articles" I have written and posted to the rec.games.bridge newsgroup during the 45th European Championships played in June 2001 in Tenerife, Spain.

The hands are presented "as is", i.e. no cute formatting, not even suit symbols (If you would like to do the HTML conversion and send to me the revamped versions of the files, I would be grateful but I am not sure it is worth it!).

The "articles" were written on the spur of the moment, sometimes within an hour or so after the hand records were published in www.bridgeplaza.com, so don't expect any deep literary or analytical merit. Perhaps you'll find them interesting, though.

1. Queen vs Jack

2. A hole in the system?

3. No Guggenheim defence

4. How do you score 1560?

5. How did they go down?

6. Down by Law

7. Bid the grand

8. Versace and my friend Martin

9. Death trap

10. More Law victims

11. Do you overcall?

12. Adam Meredith would have smiled

13. Run, rabbit, run

14. The icing on the cake

15. Low-level decisions

16. An oddity

17. Valerie's choice

18. L'inutile precauzione

19. Missed slam

20. You bid it, now make it!

21. A swingy deal

22. 3-3 strikes again

23. With a little help...

24. A possible line

25. The short run

26. Board 18

27. Tenerife trivia

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