Tenerife hands (19) - Missed slam

Greece lost narrowly (14-16) to fearsome Poland and is keeping 3rd place in Tenerife; only snag: the teams immediately lower had in general big wins, so the gap is closing. The team immediately higher, first-placed Russia, got demolished by lowly SanMarino, 5 to 25, so this gap is also closing. When I wrote the other day that lowly-placed team offered the leaders a chance to score 20+ I didn't mean _that_ direction!

Anyway, the biggest swing suffered by Greece in the match was a missed slam.

Here are the EW hands

West dealer, EW vul.

K Q 9 2                 J 10 5
A                          10 5
K J 7                    A Q 10 5 2
Q 10 6 4 2            A K 8

Skoularikis  Lesniewski  Zotos  Martens
1C               pass          1D       2H
dbl             4H              dbl        all pass
They beat 4H by three, but 500 was inadequate against the missed slam, either in 6D or 6C.

I am not sure what opener's double is (if support or merely negative) so I can't point fingers to anyone concerning the missed slam. All the more since Fotis Skoularikis is a friend :-) I tend to give a lot of credit to the Poles, though.

In the other room, the Polish West opened a Polish 1C and East replied 2D which is probably natural and game forcing, so now the intervention was much less effective -6D was reached.

Even in a plain 5-card major system, I like very much the 2D reply; that is, if one plays that a jump shift is forcing to game merely a-la-Acol, not promising the world's fair.

Nikos Sarantakos

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