Tenerife hands (21) - A swingy deal

This board from Round 23 produced a lot of swings yesterday.

Board 14, East dealer, none vul.

                                      A K Q J 9
                                      5 4
                                      K Q J 9 7

---                                                 8 7 3
K J 10 6 3                                     A 9 8
A K Q 8 7 5                                   10
3 2                                                A 10 8 6 5 4

                                    10 6 5 4 2
                                    Q 7 2
                                    J 9 6 3 2
The biggest swing of all, and almost the biggest of the whole event so far, was produced in Denmark vs Spain, when the Danes were able to make slam *in both rooms*, not exactly an everyday occurence (there was another famous case in Beijing 1995; Canada was the beneficiary).

6S by North was made after the ace of clubs lead and it easy to see how. But I cannot see how West made 6H, even after the ace of spades lead. Anyway, two times 1210 gave 20 IMPs to the Danes.

In another match between Germany and Netherlands, the German East-West here happy to buy the contract at 5H and make it for 450. However, in the other room, Hausler, South for Germany opened with 2D (a Multi?), West jumped at 4D and Splettstosser, North, tried 4S, doubled by East. The Germans were well on their way to score a further 590 (or possibly more) but... North ran to 5C! And when this was doubled by East, much more soundly now, South showed admirable confidence to partner. 5Cx went for 1400, six down. There have been some misguided runs in this event, but all pale compared with this one, that turned a 15 IMP gain to a 14 IMP loss!

Nikos Sarantakos

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2001 Nikos Sarantakos
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